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Attendance and Absence

Please refer to our Attendance Policy and Attendance FAQs for guidance on Attendance and Punctuality. School opens between 8.45-8.55am. Registration is at 9.00am prompt. Times are also detailed on the Coming to School page.

If your child is unwell, please telephone the school office or email, before 9.30 am. Please state who you are, your child’s name and class, and the reason for absence.

If your child is suffering from either vomiting or diarrhoea, the school follows NHS guidance and your child is required to stay off school until 48 hours after their last bout of illness.

If your child becomes ill at school, your child's teacher (on the advice of a registered First Aider, if necessary) will decide whether it is right to send your child home. In that instance, we will ring your primary contact (or secondary number, if we cannot get hold of anyone at the first). When you (or a trusted adult) come to pick up your child, you must first come to the school office to collect your child. They must be signed out.

Absence for reasons other than illness should be rare. If you have a special and acceptable reason, please complete a Request for Leave of Absence form and submit to the Headteacher two weeks prior to the event. These are also available from outside the school office or on the Forms and Letters page.

If your child needs to attend an appointment during school hours, please complete a Pupil Pass Request Form with at least 24 hours' notice. These are also available from outside the school office or on the Forms and Letters page.

Pupils finish school at 3.25pm. Parents should notify the office if they are going to be late collecting their child or if there is a change to the normal pick-up arrangements. Please complete the Home Time arrangements form for any long term changes.