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Be confident, be curious, be creative


One of our main aims at Claremont is to ensure that all children love learning about science! The subject should be taught and learnt in a practical, investigative and, when appropriate, independent way. Subject knowledge is essential and is learnt using the Andrew Berry Scheme of Work or through lessons planned by
teachers, using internet research or past experience. Investigative work is also essential and is learnt through practical investigations which are also planned by teachers or by using the Andrew Berry Scheme of Work.

Outdoor Learning is central to many units of science such as plants, habitats and animals including humans. We are extremely lucky as many areas of our school support the curriculum such as the wooded area, the marsh and the school pond.

The indoor learning environments are used as much as possible to celebrate children’s work and support their learning both individually as classes and holistically as a school.

The profile of science is evident in all classrooms with science working walls to support deep scientific vocabulary, investigative learning and spelling. Our science books aim to demonstrate the high expectations which drive our teaching and learning and all of our teaching and learning is planned alongside the national curriculum and its statutory guidance.